Server administration
to the next level.

Faired is a comprehensive solution for s&box server administrators to do their best.

Welcome to the cloud

Next generation: now

Gone are the days of clunky XGUI server management. Faired centralizes all of your systems into a single web app, giving you on-demand access from your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Mobile access

Manage your servers and community from anywhere. Kick your feet up. Stay in bed. With Faired, you're always in reach.

Global bans

Banning troublemakers from your community has never been easier. Automatic Steam Family Sharing detection serves as an additional layer of protection.

Group management

Grant your players access to groups on a community-wide basis, or to specific servers.

Realtime updates

Any changes you make on the dashboard are immediately reflected across your entire community.

High Reliability

Faired uses cloud technology developed by Google and Amazon to provide its services. This gives us (and you) a network that can be depended on. Even in situations where downtime occurs, Faired allows your servers to continue operating thanks to our implementation of local caching.

All your favorites are back

The classic commands that you're used to are all here. Faired also detects the game your server is currently running, and provides you with even more granular, game-specific commands for you to use.

Risk Free

No vendor lock-in

Falling out of love with Faired? Not a problem. We'll export all your data if you choose to switch to another provider, totally free, and with no questions asked.

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